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PhD, MSc, BSc,    +265 999 955 963 or +265 111 951 027

Chipo Kanjo is an Associate Professor, ICT Specialist and a trainer with over 30 years work experience in the education sector. She holds a PhD from University of Oslo; Master’s Degree in Computing from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK; several certificates including a CISCO Networking Instructors certificate; and she is a Diplo Foundation alumnus.

Over the years Chipo has served in various capacities, which have advanced education management in Malawi. For example, she has served as a consultant for the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) during university assessment and accreditation exercises. School assessment and accreditation is an exercise that involves significant real-time data collection, management, and usage. Chipo was also the project lead in the development of an Education Management Information System for FEDOMA and the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, to Track Learners with Disabilities.

Beyond the aforementioned competencies, Chipo bring to this assignment extensive experience in Software Engineering and Project Management. She is a Software Engineering specialist with skills in requirements analysis and design skills. She has facilitated in a number of ICT, GIS, and EIA professional short courses including computing skills course for members of the Malawi Parliament. She has also played a role of facilitator for workshops including the 6th International Open Access Conference. In addition, Chipo has served as a project manager in a number of projects – both international and national. Currently she is the Principal Investigator for mHealth4Afrika project, a consortium comprising of seven countries. Previously she has been project manager for the following projects: e-Government ICT project, FEDOMA EMIS project, and SIGHT IEEE project. 

                         RESEARCH INTEREST

Her research interests include Health Information Systems, specifically Maternal and Child data; eGovernance; and ICT4D. She has conducted research in the area of maternal and child health, exploring the challenges in realizing good data quality for health information systems. She has also done research in establishing the Role of ICT in Poverty Reduction in Malawi and research on Information and Information Management in Organisations, focusing on how information is managed efficiently and effectively in public organisations. She has also been involved in a number of ICT consultancies at national, regional (SADC), and international level. Her research has been disseminated through publications in forms of papers and book chapters. 

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