Master of Science in Informatics is aimed at equiping graduates with advanced knowledge, skills and competences on economic, scientific, technical, legal, communication, management and social theories, principles, concepts and practices so that the graduates should be able to critique and apply them in informatics.

The Master of Science in Informatics aims to provide students with wide training in the vast domain of Informatics based on the evolution of ideas and the complexity that characterise organisations. Given the concerns various organisations have over the knowledge in the area of Informatics, and considering the global position on information systems relative to the needs and availability of Information Systems Specialists in Malawi, the Master of Science in Informatics focuses on three areas of specialization namely Information Systems, Software Engineering and Network Management. However, currently the programme only enrols students in the Information Systems specialisation

Admission criteria

The admission requirement into the MSc in Informatics degree programme shall be: 

  • Relevant bachelor’s degree with at least a strong pass from any recognised institution of higher learning and 
  • Candidates may be interviewed.
  • As per requirements specified in the advertisement for application


The recommended duration for a full-time MSc in Informatics degree programme is 4 semesters;


The Programme Coordinator, MSc Informatics,

Department of Computer Science, 

University of Malawi, Chancellor College,

P.O Box 280, Zomba, Malawi.

Tel: +265 (0) 01 524 222 ext 




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